Have you made money from newsletters? If not, you are among us!

If you trade markets that we don't routinely follow, contact us and we would be happy to provide daily/weekly entry/exit points using our proprietary system.

We have a different approach -- a subscription service with live updates about trades that we do -- actionable, swing trades -- where most money is made and how hedge funds, money managers and investors make money! Please read our Rules of Trades below.

Rules that We follow:

  1. Never risk more than 1-1.5% of account capital on any trade.

  2. Love the game of winning. Never set a goal to make money everyday or every week. Focus on winning trades!

  3. 60-70% win rate is all we need. Accept loosing is a part of the game.

  4. Diversify into different assets class (stocks, forex, commodities, etc). Commodities are most risky so be aware of your risks in trades!

  5. Avoid day trading — swing works best!

  6. Know at what price point trade is questionable, and get out. Patience will help you find winning trades, there are always trades to enter for patience investors.

  7. Wait for right opportunity to enter a trade, don’t overtrade. Some days there are no trades, just watching the markets.

  8. List of trades is what we are trading, it is not an investment advise.

  9. You invest at your own risks!

  10. Our indictors are never shared nor they are for sale/subscription!

  11. We can provide you with daily/weekly entry/exit point on most stocks or markets you want to trade. Contact us for pricing.